Our Services

We are proud to offer the following services:


Office Cleaning

We undertake a commercial cleaning service, which provides all levels of office cleaning, ranging from offices, national blue chip companies and government agencies, schools, colleges and leisure centres / facilities.

Factory Cleaning

We undertake all levels of factory cleaning, from production to warehouse areas, storage, manufacturing. We encompass the use of all types of cleaning machinery from Ride On machines, Scrubber Dryers, Buffing Machines, Access Platforms / Lifts etc. In this environment we specialise in training staff, i.e. Janitor / Caretaker / Handyman / Maintenance.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We provide a comprehensive commercial window cleaning service, using reach & wash systems. Can provide harnesses, access lifts, platforms etc. All our staff are fully trained, we have over 15 years experience and adhere to all Health and Safety legislation.

Floor Maintenance

We undertake all work to include – Repair wooden floors, laminate floors, vinyl & stone floors. We are able to strip and seal and scrub off flooring as well as sanding and varnishing and also provide an on-going high care maintenance plan.

Carpet Cleaning

We provide the latest technology to achieve best results in all of our commercial carpet cleaning.

Chewing Gum Removal

We sub contract to a company we have worked a number of years with that specifically targets chewing gum removal. They use the Gum Blitzer System which uses superheated low pressure steam, along with an environmentally friendly Gum Blitzing Liquid to break down the gum leaving little or no trace on the treated surface.