Health and Safety


The Health and Safety at Work Act lays down rigid requirements to which we completely adhere in respect of the health and safety of the employees of Mayday Cleaning Ltd.

Detailed risk assessments are given to all employees on Health and Safety requirements. Instruction is also given on fire safety and we will conform fully to the fire safety requirements that exist on your premises at all times.

All chemicals and materials used in respect of servicing your contract are COSHH tested and all personnel will have received training – including the safe handling and storage of cleaning materials and related chemicals. All operatives are supplied with liveried overalls or appropriate protective clothing depending on the nature of the work.

Stocks of cleaning materials stored at customer’s premises are checked regularly by our maintenance engineers.

A work schedule is prepared for each operative at the commencement of each contract.

All portable and electrical equipment is regularly tested for electrical safety.



Our main objective is to provide our customers with a satisfactory standard of service at all times, but at the same time we try to ensure that the chemicals and other materials used are as environmentally friendly as is practicable.

In order to help us achieve this all standard cleaning chemicals used are non polluting or biodegradable. Where cleaning chemicals have to be used that are potentially hazardous or are pollutants, we will take the appropriate precautions to ensure their safe usage and disposal.