Our Philosophy

Cleaning is one of those services which tends to be of little concern to the management of a company, providing of course that there are no problems deriving from the cleaning process.

However when problems, however minor, do arise they can cause major and time consuming distractions for the management of the company.

This is where Mayday Cleaning Ltd can provide you and your company with a two fold service:

– Firstly we will ensure that your cleaning facility runs smoothly at all times,
– Secondly we will ensure, and guarantee, that should a problem occur it is Mayday Cleaning’s problem – not yours and your company’s.

Mayday’s philosophy is to take the responsibility for your cleaning facility from you and accept it fully. You can pass on this responsibility to us with confidence, as you will have the benefit of an efficient and experienced management team dedicated

to alleviating problems that may occur from time to time with your cleaning facility.